CA Mother Allegedly Wrings the Neck of 12-Year-Old Bully

CA Mother Allegedly Wrings the Neck of 12-Year-Old Bully

A Sonoma County woman was charged on Saturday with inflicting injury on a fifth grade boy for bullying her young daughter. Delia Garcia-Bratcher is suspected of gripping the neck of the 12-year-old boy and telling him, “Don’t bully my little girl. This is your warning. Next time I’ll tell.” 

Piner-Olivet Union School District Supt. Jennie Snyder explained that these incidents are not common, however “it’s terrible when this kind of thing happens.” NBC Bay Area reported that Delia Garcia-Bratcher arrived at the school at lunchtime without signing in and that the incident was witnessed by a number of school children.

Mariam Padilla, who has a child at the school, considers the entire incident “kind of scary.” She remarked, “To harm another child is unacceptable. No, I don’t know the situation, but I don’t know what she was thinking.” One other parent opined,”I don’t know how you could put your hands on another child… But bullying is not acceptable.”

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s department arrived at the school’s campus after they had received a report of alleged “child abuse.” Garcia-Bratcher has been released on $30,000 bail.