Daily Beast Pounds 'Insensitive' Macklemore, Mocks His 9/11 Truther Roots

Daily Beast Pounds 'Insensitive' Macklemore, Mocks His 9/11 Truther Roots

The Daily Beast might be expected to cut Macklemore some slack. The two share similar ideologies, and the rapper’s efforts supporting same-sex marriage are well known.

So when some folks were outraged by Macklemore donning a costume that reeked of anti-Semitism the web site could have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Not even close.

The left-leaning outfit savaged Macklemore this week after he donned a hooked nose and black hair and beard for a short concert appearance Friday in Seattle.

It’s truly bizarre to see the rapper, who achieved fame and fortune on the back of his gay rights anthem “Same Love,” commit such a startling gaffe. Macklemore has, after all, claimed to have “hella good Jewish homies,” and even played the shofar, a ram’s horn blown on the Jewish high holidays, to promote the VMAs….

Macklemore’s first reaction–feigning ignorance–is frustrating. What a throwaway, half-assed response devoid of any sort of research. A simple Google search would reveal that the “witches nose” is the exact same thing as the anti-Semitic stereotype of a Jewish nose (hint: both are meant to evoke evil, subhuman creatures).

Neighbors star Seth Rogen was equally dismissive, tweeting that Macklemore’s attire was anti-Semitic to the core.