Confusion, Apathy at L.A. Polling Stations on Election Day

Confusion, Apathy at L.A. Polling Stations on Election Day

BRENTWOOD — Breitbart News was on site Election Day morning at several Los Angeles-area polling stations, talking with voters and watching one candidate for the 33rd district congressional seat cast her vote.

“What’s the election for–mayor?” asked a passerby at a polling station in mid-Wilshire. “Oh well, probably nothing that will make a difference anyway.”

“I’m not American, but my dog is…hey doggie, wanna vote for no one who will make a difference?” she asked dryly.

Voter turnout in the California primaries is expected to hit a new low on Tuesday. Election analysts believe there are simply no statewide contests or ballot measures that will motivate Californians to get to the polls.

“Politicians these days just want to be important,” offered one woman, who said she was not voting. “They just make money and use that money against the people.”

Apart from the cynical attitudes of those at the polls, several voters said they had trouble just finding the stations.

“Boy, are they screwed up in there,” said a woman trying to vote. “I was just over there and then they sent me here, but the numbers don’t match up with my precinct. I’m just trying to vote for my representative.”

“It’s appalling how these stations are being run,” said a man standing outside the mid-Wilshire polling place. “I was next door [at another polling station] and the voter rolls were in the trash. I had to pick it out and give it back to the volunteers running the booths.”

Shortly before 10:30 a.m., 33rd district Independent candidate Marianne Williamson showed up to the Barrington Plaza polling station in Brentwood to cast her vote. Williamson was coming off a strong pre-election rally Monday night, where hundreds of supporters packed a middle school auditorium to hear her final campaign speech.

“I think people are feeling something today,” Williamson said. 

California polls for statewide primaries close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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