Murrieta Counter-Protest: Pro-Amnesty 'Aztecs' Shout 'White Supremacists Out!'

Murrieta Counter-Protest: Pro-Amnesty 'Aztecs' Shout 'White Supremacists Out!'

MURRIETA — Pro-amnesty activists beat drums and danced in full Aztec regalia, chanting, “White supremacists out, white supremacists out!” at a counter-demonstration at the Murrieta Border Patrol station Friday. 

After Tuesday’s anti-illegal immigration protests at the station turned away three busloads of illegal aliens from Central America, proponents of keeping the illegal aliens in the U.S. increasingly began showing up for demonstrations of their own near the station.

On Friday afternoon, approximately 72 hours after the first set of buses turned around, another approximately 140 detained illegal aliens are expected to arrive at the Murrieta station. Police have blocked off the road to the north and south of the station, and protestors on both sides have gathered on each end.

Anti-illegal immigration protestors shouted “stop illegal immigration” right next to the dancing demonstrators one the north end of the roadblocks. At the south end, the crowd was largely made up of the anti-illegal immigration protestors, who assembled peacefully.


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