While the President Parties, the Pundits Preen

While the President Parties, the Pundits Preen

In the past two weeks, President Obama was in both Texas and California, ignoring his constitutional duties in order to play pool, drink beer in a bar and visiting a deli pretending to be for the little guy before heading off to parties with wealthy socialites at political fundraisers. 

Ignoring the crisis he created at our border, including dead children floating in the Rio Grande as he toasted with the super wealthy, Obama acts as if he answers to no one, except maybe Michelle.  

What’s the GOP’s reaction? Speaker John Boehner rides in to defend Obama, while political pundits like George Will wave the white flag and demand amnesty at any price. “Please, please, please..give the illegals whatever they want, .just like us again,” they whine. It’s enough to make even Sally Field blush.

And now, more and more ordinary Americans are standing up and protesting against a government that refuses to do one of the few things it’s supposed to do: secure our border, and enforce our immigration laws so that immigration will be an orderly process that respects the rule of law and the taxpayers of this country.  

In 2006, I gave a speech, which became fodder for the press and the GOP establishment, who took parts of it out of context, working overtime to distort my meaning.

Even though the election is over, this past week, George Will took a potshot at me,calling me a “factually challenged fire-breather.” None of this is surprising, as so many Republican pundits no longer defend conservatism. 

George Will may know a lot about baseball, but far less about politics. Or perhaps it’s more PC to say, as Reagan did, he “knows so much that isn’t so.”  

What I described as an insurgency in 2006–the invasion of many of our larger cities by dangerous gang members, who are the foot-soldiers of the cartels, and many of whom are illegal aliens–is now being recognized as a threat.  

Concern over illegal immigration and border security is now the number one issue in the country. What I described as a metaphorical war has turned into a real one. Just because the media (and George Will) have ignored it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The silent war raging along our borders, where drug cartels have brutally killed over 100,000 people in the past 5 years, has crossed over into the U.S., including the execution of a Southern California man less than two miles from my home in Twin Peaks.  

By simply giving in and granting amnesty, the George Wills of the world ignore some simple realities. We don’t even have enough resources to take care of those who swore an oath to defend this country, so why import more needy people from other countries?  

And by setting a precedent, by rewarding the tens of thousands with an administrative amnesty, that will only guarantee the next wave will be in hundreds of thousands, if not millions. When you reward something, you get more of it. It’s just human nature. George Will has abandoned reason, and is now “thinking” with his feelings.   The only way to discourage new waves of this government-created humanitarian crisis from taking the same risks, and causing untold deaths and suffering, is to repatriate the current wave in a humane fashion, giving consideration only to legitimate prove-able claims for refugee status.

The George Will way undermines the rule of law, and invites more chaos along our borders, and ultimately anarchy within our country, as more and more Americans tire of abiding laws which the elite and the illegals can ignore with impunity.  

Will says we have enough counties that if we just welcome 20 of these so-called unaccompanied minors (many of whom are hardened gang members, not innocent children) to each of them, it will be no problem to assimilate them.  

In a utopian world, that might be true, but the hard reality is that almost none of these illegal aliens are going to wind up in George Will’s backyard. A massively disproportionate number will wind up in mine, and last time I checked, my government rules at my consent. That means they are supposed to listen to the people, not the pundits.  

Most Americans know that few of these minors will be going to school in Georgetown or the Hamptons or Beverly Hills.  They will fill up and overwhelm our already overwhelmed public schools and hospitals here in California and the Southwest, and whatever cost there is to bear, it is our children and our grandchildren who will pay the price, not George Will’s or Bill Gates’s or Warren Buffet’s.

We the people of this great nation are tired of the wealthy elite and their whipping boys in the press, lecturing us. We don’t take orders from people just because they are rich or powerful. That’s what our original Revolution was about. We don’t bow before wanna-be dictators or kings. We determine our own destiny.  We’re Americans. 

And if those in our government want to “force us” to accept their failure and bail them out yet again, they’d better start looking for new jobs.


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