Greedy Robert Redford Sues to Avoid Tax Bill

Greedy Robert Redford Sues to Avoid Tax Bill

If paying taxes is patriotic (as the hard-left would have us believe), Oscar-winning director/actor Robert Redford is taking his anti-American desire not to pay more in taxes than he believes he owes to court. The state of New York is demanding a cool $1.6 million from Redford ($727k in back interest) over the sale of his Sundance Channel to Cablevision’s Rainbow Media back in 2005.

Redford claims he’s a resident of Utah and paid all the applicable taxes on the sale to his home state back in 2005, when he was supposed to.

Apparently the dispute surrounds what the Hollywood Reporter calls a “passive S corporation that once controlled the Sundance Channel.” Redford claims that none of his corporate assets have anything to do with the state of New York.

New York disagrees.

Why not pay the taxes on principle? Redford is a Leftist who believes the rich are under-taxed.

Instead of waiting for Congress to increase his taxes, Redford should live the change he desires and just cut a check.

Redford’s a gajillionaire. This is pocket change for the Sundace Kid and the tax overpayment will help schools, the wealth inequality problem, and the homeless.


Why does this greedy one-percenter believe he has a right to keep the money he’s earned?

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