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Thieves Siphon Thousands of Dollars of Gas From Vans for Children

Thieves Siphon Thousands of Dollars of Gas From Vans for Children

A cold demonstration of thievery unfolded on Wednesday night at an Orangevale day care center for children when crooks broke into the Action Day Learning Center and siphoned gas from their transportation vans.

CBS reported that according to ADLC staff member Lauri Lish, the center has lost thousands of dollars over the years to gas thieves, but unfortunately, a remedy to prevent it backfired. “When it first started happening, we got the locking gas caps, then, that wasn’t working,” said Lish.

She explained that when the gas gaps blocked the thieves from getting to the gas, they simply went underneath the vans and drilled holes into the gas tanks and siphoned it out that way.

Repairing the ruptured gas tanks proved to be very expensive. Consequently, they went back to the regular gas caps which surrenders the gas more easily, but prevents having to pay to fix the tanks.

Lish believes the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department could be more proactive in preventing this type of crime. The department suggests companies should provide extensive lighting to expose the property and make it unattractive to criminals.


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