Leaked Pictures Show Detained 'Django' Actress Engaged in Sexual Activity

Leaked Pictures Show Detained 'Django' Actress Engaged in Sexual Activity

Pictures have been obtained that show Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts straddling her husband Brian Lucas in the passenger’s-side seat of a vehicle, with Watts’s breasts exposed, and grinding on top of Lucas in what appears to show the couple engaging in sex publicly.

TMZ acquired the images and spoke with an eyewitness who said Watts was on top of Lucas, who had his feet on the curb, and that the couple was steadying themselves by placing their hands on the roof of their car. At one point, the witness said Lucas began “horizontally bongoing her boobs back and forth,” and that eventually Watts reached into the center console of the car, grabbed a tissue, and wiped sweat off of both Lucas and herself before tossing the tissue onto the grass. 

The door to the silver Mercedes they were in was wide open. Someone who worked in an office near the location of the couple’s “activity” had reportedly asked them to stop, as it was causing a disruption to their work flow. However, Watts and Lucas carried on, according to TMZ.

Witnesses had initially called 911 to complain of “lewd acts,” telling police that Watts and Lucas had been getting it on in public. Watts dismissed that report and was uncooperative with furnishing her ID to the LAPD’s Sgt. Jim Parker, accusing him and the police of being “racist.” She alleged that the call was made because Watts is black and Lucas is white. 

Watts even took to several media outlets, including appearing on CNN, claiming her brief detainment by Los Angeles police was racially-motivated. On Monday, Watts reportedly said in an interview with CNN that she feels that part of her “role as a public figure is to raise awareness and be strong enough to say and do the things that maybe people who don’t have the advantages that I have or aren’t strong enough… to do.”

After she refused to show Sgt. Parker her identification, Page Six reported that Watts said, “I don’t have to give him my ID, because it’s my right to sit on the fucking street corner and make out with my boyfriend! That’s my right!” 

The images obtained by TMZ and testimony from an eyewitness appear to show that Watts and Lucas were engaged in more than just “making out.”


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