Watts' Man Claims Police Threats–But the Audio Tape Says Otherwise

Watts' Man Claims Police Threats–But the Audio Tape Says Otherwise

Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts’ partner, Brian Lucas, has taken to social media to criticize what LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker said when he briefly detained Watts following a 911 call about alleged indecent exposure. However, much of what Lucas claims appears to be contradicted by the actual audio recording of the incident.

Watts was detained for refusing to show her ID to Sgt. Parker when he arrived to investigate reports by nearby witnesses who complained of “lewd acts” (and suggestions of sexual activity) that were taking place in a vehicle that was parked outside of the Director’s Guild in Studio City.

Watts posted on her Facebook page a note from Lucas that attempted to “give some context to people’s accusations that D[aniele] was ‘pulling the race card’ unjustifiably.” In the note, Lucas alleges that Sgt. Parker said a few things that could be heard on the audio recording and which clearly “expose” and “display his abuse of power.” Here is an excerpt:

If you listen closely to the TMZ audio, you can tell that he’s comfortable around me (because he thinks I’m on his side), which exposes several comments that display his abuse of power: “she needs to learn that she doesn’t dictate what happens,” …”She’s just trying to get at me” “She’ll learn her lesson” etc etc.

As they say in the news world, “let’s go to the tape!”

After studying the audio recording acquired by TMZ carefully, Breitbart News found that there was no mention of the comments displayed above that Lucas alleges display Sgt. Parker’s “abuse of power.” 

Earlier in the post, Lucas also wrote that Sgt. Parker “ran my ID, because D[aniele] upheld her right to remain silent.” 

However, Watts was anything but silent, and her voice actually dominated the majority of the audio clip. At one point she even started screaming and crying out loud that “I don’t even care about making a scene anymore. I don’t have to give him my ID because it’s my right to sit on the f***ing street corner and make out with my boyfriend. That’s my right!” 

“Keep yelling. That really helps,” Sgt. Parker responded.

At another point in the post, Lucas wrote that “after holding us up on the excuse that they had to identify any ‘suspicious characters’ because ‘there had been a lot of robberies in the area’ he let us go realizing that we weren’t causing problems for anyone.”

Again, Breitbart News heard no mention of said exchange between Sgt. Parker and Lucas. 

What was heard (with great difficulty due to Watts being so outspoken on the audio tape) was Lucas telling Sgt. Parker that “it happened like a day ago” that Lucas and Watts were at a relative’s home in Loma Linda (as he states in his open letter) when “someone said there’s a black and white couple…”. 


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