Elan Carr Releases New TV Ad in Run-Up to Midterm Election

Elan Carr Releases New TV Ad in Run-Up to Midterm Election

LOS ANGELES — 33rd District Republican congressional candidate Elan Carr released a new, 30-second television advertisement on Thursday as the countdown to November’s midterm election dropped past the 50-day mark.

The ad, titled “For Yolanda,” is the first television advertisement of the cycle. The ad tells the story of Yolanda Kennard, a 16-year-old high school basketball player who was murdered near her school in 2009. As Deputy District Attorney, Carr prosecuted Yolanda’s killer, securing a life sentence.

“Most political ads consist of platitudes and generalities,” Carr’s chief strategist John Thomas said in a statement announcing the ad. We focused on telling a real life story — one that Elan sees all too often in his role as a gang prosecutor.” Carr said in a statement:

Yolanda’s story is a deeply tragic one. The ad — named in her memory — makes clear that we need representatives in Congress who will put partisanship aside for the sake of fixing our schools and protecting our kids. Public safety, a healthy and nurturing educational system, and a growing economy is what my campaign is all about. In our ad, I promise voters that I will fight to end gridlock and cut wasteful spending so that we can move our country forward on these critical issues.

Carr will square off against Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu in November’s midterm election.


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