Californians Disenchanted with Obama as He Fundraises Again in Golden State

Californians Disenchanted with Obama as He Fundraises Again in Golden State

Obama’s three-day fundraising foray among California wealthiest Democratic supporters, which kicks-off on Thursday with a visit to Hollywood and includes a trip on Friday to Silicon Valley, comes during times of disenchantment.

President Obama’s support in California has diminished, and his approval ratings are sliding, as he struggles to save face with failed immigration reform, an impotent ISIS strategy, Ebola disease issues, and Russian incursions into the Ukraine. Consequently, he’s had little time to push his progressive domestic agenda that once made him popular in the Golden State.

Mark DiCamillo, a director for the California Field Poll, points out about Obama’s descending approval numbers that, “In California, the recent decline is greatest among the voter segments that were his strongest supporters in the last two elections.”

The trend analyst told the Washington Examiner, “There was growing impatience with the president following through on his agenda… People were expecting quite a bit. That has tempered. They aren’t seeing results.”

According to a Field survey of California registered voters, Obama’s approval rating in California as of September has plummeted 5% since June, notching only a 45% approval, barely edging his disapproval rating of 43%.

By comparison, Obama enjoyed a 65% approval rating in California shortly after he was elected in March of 2009 and incurred an impressive disapproval rating of only 21%.

According to DiCamillo, this all bodes well for the GOP in California. “I would expect that Republicans will pull out close elections in some competitive congressional races,” he predicts.

Terry Moe, the William Bennett Munro professor of political science at Stanford University, believes that Obama has been crushed by recent developments facing the nation. “The problem is he’s less popular than he used to be all over the country,” Moe explained. “He’s taken a lot of hits. Now is not a good time for him.”


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