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Hardline Leftists in SF Suffer Two Losses

Hardline Leftists in SF Suffer Two Losses

Hard-line leftists in San Francisco took a double body-blow last Tuesday, as Ted Gullicksen, 61, the executive director of the San Francisco Tenants Union, died on the same day that the voice of the leftist movement, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, closed its doors for the last time. 

Mecke, 41, the campaign manager for Proposition G, which would force a graduated real estate transfer tax on short-term property flips of multi-unit buildings if a profit resulted from the sale, was devastated, telling the San Francisco Chronicle, “Time stopped. No one believed it. It just really felt like a knife in the heart of progressive politics in San Francisco.”

The Chronicle reports that leftists have lost control of the Board of Supervisors to mere Democrats, and aren’t running any challengers in November’s election. They had their last mayor of the city in 1992, when Art Agnos held the post. As the Chronicle wrote, the Bay Area’s far-left’s “attempts to block Google buses and force Airbnb to pay back hotel taxes have failed to make much of a dent in the economic boom that’s contributed to San Francisco’s rash of evictions and growing income disparity.”

Political consultant Jim Ross told the Chronicle: “The last two big influxes of young people into San Francisco have all been young folks who are moving here not necessarily for social acceptance but to make money. It’s people with a different motivation.” 


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