Ebola Emergency Response False Alarm in Sacramento

Ebola Emergency Response False Alarm in Sacramento

A Sacramento ambulance was called upon to administer to a possible Ebola case, but it proved to be a false alarm.

According to Fox40, the Sacramento Metro Fire handled the situation with an abundance of caution, yet they reacted swiftly and without confusion. The first step was to make sure everyone was outfitted in proper hazmat clothing and that it was put on correctly.

The chief of Metro’s Emergency Medical Services division, Maurice Johnson, said, “We can’t overreact. We have to go slow to go fast.”

Fox40 reported that the victim felt her flu-like symptoms were linked to a visiting relative who recently traveled to Ebola-ridden West Africa. Johnson explained that “our crew, using an abundance of caution, contacted our hazmat team and myself and asked for continuing guidance.”

Incident commanders were using the phones going back and forth with county EMS administrators and the county public health officer. It was determined that, based on the patient’s two weeks of sickness, three weeks past the relative’s visit, the public health office said that the EMS did not have to take any Ebola precautions.

“We simply treated this as flu-like symptoms, as we would any other patient,” Johnson said. 


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