Handgun-Based Technology Alerts Dispatchers When Officers Are in Distress

Handgun-Based Technology Alerts Dispatchers When Officers Are in Distress

Capitola, California’s Yardarm Technologies has developed a new microchip for law enforcement handguns that tells law enforcement command centers an officer’s location and when an officer draws and/or fires a gun. It may also be able to alert dispatchers as to when an officer’s gun is taken by an attacker.

According to local NBC News affiliate KSBW, this technology could be helpful in situations such as those that arose on October 24, when Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies were killed in the line of duty–apparently by an illegal alien who had been deported twice. 

Yardarm Technologies’ Rod Stewart says that in some assaults against police, investigators have go with “best guesses” on what really happened, but says Yardarm’s data-gathering chip would change that. Moreover, the chip could let dispatchers know when to send backup in situations where the officer cannot call for it him or herself.

Said Stewart:

Those sorts of mission-critical events, where the officer is in distress, are now available to the command center in real time. Not several minutes after the event when [back-up officers] arrive at the scene, but immediately. We think that’s life saving.  

The new technology “is currently being tested by Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Deputies.” The testing just began this month and will last through year’s end. 

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