Corn Maze So Complex, People Call 911

Corn Maze So Complex, People Call 911

The corn maze in Dixon, California is so big and tough to navigate, a number of patrons have called 911 after getting lost in it.

The maze, operated by Cool Patch Pumpkins, is the largest corn maze in the world, spread out over 63 acres.

“My brother, who designs the maze, always wants to make it bigger and better,” maze manager Matt Cooley told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But we might scale it back a little next year.”

That might be a good idea; several customers recently became so lost in the maze that they dialed 911.

“Over the month that the maze was open, we got maybe seven calls, and in only three of those cases did the people actually call 911,” Solano County sheriff’s deputy Daryl Snedeker told the paper. “We tell them to relax and we put a call into the owner rather than send out a deputy.”

Cooley told the Chronicle that when he gets calls from the police, he either lets the lost customers find their way out themselves, or else calls them directly to speak with them.

“We’ve got guys who can navigate that thing in the dark,” Cooley added, “So as a last resort, we’ll send in one of them to show them the way.”

The maze manager said that this year has actually been tame compared to past years; he told the paper that in previous years, some people passed out in the maze.

“Nothing like that this year though — just a bunch of people who have gotten confused and called 911,” he said.

Photo: Cool Patch Pumpkins