L.A. Protester: ‘If You Ain’t Black Then You Don’t Need to Be Talking’

Adelle Nazarian
Adelle Nazarian

LOS ANGELES, California — Protesters at a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday made race the central issue.

A man holding up a Pan-African Flag at Pan Pacific Park, where thousands of protesters congregated as part of a #MillionsMarchLA event, stood on a sidewalk and preached a sentiment many present shared.

We ain’t talking to you. [This is] black lives matter, baby. Because black lives matter over here. If you ain’t black then you don’t need to be talking. Yeah I said it. Black lives matter. Black lives matter. This is a black instant right here.

Before witnessing the sidewalk preacher, Breitbart News spoke with a man by the name of Steven Starr, who described himself as “a white privileged male.” Starr said the situation “is absolutely a racial issue.” When asked by Breitbart News if he believes privilege to be a bad thing, he said, “I think privilege is a dangerous thing.”

He explained that his reason for being present at the protest was to stand in “solidarity with the people who are suffering deeply on a daily basis at the hands of a militarized police operation… people should stop being hurt, should stop being killed. Period, paragraph, end of story.”

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