More Protests for New Year’s Eve in California

Arrests in New York dropped 66 percent after police officers were killed

Protesters plan to ring in the New Year in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pasadena, California as #BlackLivesMatter and Occupy movement activists have laid out a busy night, as well as demonstrations on New Years’ Day at Pasadena’s annual Tournament of Roses parade.

Ferguson National Response Network (FNRN) has posted planned protest locations across the United States, Canada and multiple international locations. San Francisco is one of the cites planned for New Year’s Eve, and may be likely to see possible violence, given the events of past months. Violence and destruction have emerged from a number of the demonstrations held in the Bay area under the banner of anti-police brutality and accusations of police racism.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, nearby Oakland saw riots harkening back to those seen during the 2011 Occupy Oakland riots, as Breitbart California reported. Christmas Day brought more Oakland riots in the name of #BlackLivesMatter, as looting, vandalizing and assault marked the night that anti-police, Occupy protesters called the “Best Xmas party of the year.”

Los Angeles could also see significant demonstrations on the heels of the recently released autopsy results of Ezell Ford. Though the autopsy results back up the accounts of the Los Angeles Police Department officers who shot Ford in a confrontation earlier this year, a group entitled Los Angeles Peoples Media continues to call the officers racist murderers and to call for public demonstrations demanding justice. Ford’s family attorney went so far to call the LAPD officers involved “animalistic.”

Ferguson National Response Network has posted the hashtags “#EzellFord” and “LAProtest” along with the details for the planned New Year’s Eve demonstration.

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