Del Beccaro, Former Chair of CA Republican Party, Considers Bid for Boxer Senate Seat

tom del becarro AJ

Tom Del Beccaro, former Chairman of the California Republican Party, announced he is considering a bid Friday for the Senate seat of outgoing Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer.

In a statement, Del Beccaro said Boxer’s upcoming retirement provides the state with “the opportunity for new leadership.”

“Our state needs a hopeful voice that will bring balance to our representation in Washington and favor economic prosperity for all Californians over economic directives from government,” Del Beccaro said. “California has the richest natural and human resources in the world. We shouldn’t be number one in poverty. We should be number one in prosperity. We can regain that prosperity by empowering individuals and fostering an environment for achievement.”

Del Beccaro served as Chairman of the California Republican Party between 2011-2013.

“Let’s talk to more Californians than ever before,” he continued. “It’s time for the Republicans to truly go outside their comfort zone and bring their message to as many Californians as possible. By coming together for a common goal – prosperity – we can heal the growing divide in California between those struggling to make a living and those prospering.”

Shortly before leaving the post in March 2013, Del Beccaro explained the challenges facing the Republican Party in California.

“It needs to have a greater relationship with all California voters,” Del Beccaro said at the time, according to the Sacramento Bee. “We are in the business of asking people for their vote, which means you have to have a relationship with more voters, especially when you are the minority party.”

“The number one issue for me was always talking to more voters and beginning a sincere dialogue with the Latino community and other voters like that,” Del Beccaro told the Bee in November 2013. “That’s what I said I wanted to do and that’s what I spent a lot of time doing and I feel good about that.”

In addition to his former post as head of the California Republican Party, Del Baccaro is an attorney and an author. He is the publisher of Political Vanguard and is a regular contributor to Forbes.

Del Beccaro joins a long list of potential successors to Sen. Boxer, who announced this week that she will not seek another term when her current term expires in 2016.



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