Hollywood Car Accident Lands Prius on Top of Other Car

prius 1
KCal 9 Screen Shot

Saturday afternoon a photo of a bizarre car accident involving a Toyota Prius ending up on top of another vehicle—piggy back style—created quite a bit of stir on social media.

Matt Lazarus, who took the photo, was in the car behind the silver vehicle, which ended on the bottom. He believes that the collison was intentional.

In an interview with CBS2, Lazarus said that the female driver of the Prius, in what appeared to be an act of road rage, put it in reverse and stepped on the accelerator and backed up right up the front of the silver car so fast he thought it might end up on top of his car.

The excited witness said that the woman driving the Prius tried to drive down off the silver car, but it got stuck on top. The two people in the bottom car “ran out of their car like to extras in an Avengers movie,” Lazarus remarked.

No arrests were made nor were any tickets issued at the scene of the incident.



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