Biker Bar Shooting in San Diego: 4 Shot, Suspect Possibly on Loose

Biker shootout San Diego (Sam Hodgson / Reuters)
Sam Hodgson / Reuters

A biker bar shooting in San Diego ended with four people shot, one in custody and an eight-hour SWAT standoff that came up without a suspected second suspect.

It was 2:50 a.m. in Mount Hope, California when San Diego police officers responded to reports of shots fired at the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club Saturday morning, according to 10 News.

A local DJ told NBC 7 that there was a DJ competition going on when the shooting began causing some 150 people to rush the club’s door.

Police caught up with one suspect on their way to the scene. He had reportedly crashed his motorcycle on I-805 trying to get away.

Two men found shot inside the bar were taken to an area hospital, while another two showed up at nearby hospitals on their own–also with gunshot wounds they said came from the bar shooting. Injuries of all victims have been determined non-life threatening.

Police reported a man had appeared in a doorway as people were fleeing the building, but he refused to come out, reported local NBC 7. SDPD Lt. Kevin Mayer said during the standoff that followed, “We believe that there’s still a person inside, who is the suspect.”

Police called SWAT out to the scene. Over the course of almost ten hours the SWAT team deployed robots and flash bangs in an attempt to extricate the suspect.

At approximately 12:15 p.m. the standoff came to an end with SWAT team members sweeping the bar. They found no one inside.

Police suggested that the suspect that had been seen may have escaped through a back door in the shooting’s chaotic aftermath, according to reports.

Police are investigating whether the San Diego shooting was gang related.

The incident follows violence between biker gangs in Texas that led to mass arrests and resulted in nine deaths.

One report following the Texas violence attempted to draw a connection between the deadly Waco biker gang shootout and an annual patriotic procession of non-violent bikers known as Rolling Thunder over Memorial Day. No such connection appeared warranted, as the Rolling Thunder event, held in honor of military veterans, has been occurring annually since 1988 without incident.

The Waco incident left nine dead including a Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart recipient that appeared to have no connection to the gangs that incited the violence.

Breitbart News previously reported that the Bandidos, one of the biker gangs involved in the Waco shootout, have been tied to the Los Zetas cartel.

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