Dallas Police Headquarters Cleared After Search

The Dallas SWAT team has deployed to the downtown police headquarters after what is being called a “credible threat” was received. After an exhaustive search by SWAT members of the DPD parking garage, the person seen in the garage appears to have escaped.

Dallas PD Swat

Biker Bar Shooting in San Diego: 4 Shot, Suspect Possibly on Loose

A biker bar shooting in San Diego ended with four people shot, one in custody and an eight-hour SWAT standoff that came up without a suspected second suspect. The incident follows violence between biker gangs in Texas that led to mass arrests and resulted in nine deaths.

Biker shootout San Diego (Sam Hodgson / Reuters)

Prank Call Leads to Texas SWAT Team Response

A prank call to police resulted in a SWAT team response in East Texas on Saturday, April 11. Police received what was perceived to be an emergency call at 4:09 pm about a possible shooting in the Jefferson County City of Port Neches.

File photo of a member of the SWAT team motioning to a resident to come out of the house as they conduct a house to house search for Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the one remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, in Watertown