Body of Man with Over 1,200 Guns Left in SUV for Government Agency to Find


Breitbart News previously reported that the LAPD discovered over 1,200 guns and two tons of ammunition in a condominium in the liberal coastal neighborhood of Pacific Palisades last week. Nearby, the body of the alleged owner of the guns and ammo was found decomposing in an SUV.

It is now being reported that the body of the dead man–who has yet to be named–was left in the SUV for nearly two weeks before discovery and that it was left there by the man’s fiancée, who thought a government agency was tracking him and would locate the body.

According to the LA Times, the dead man–whom neighbors say they knew as “Bob”–“claimed to have worked covertly for either the FBI or the CIA.” They said he would often talk to them about his willingness to show them “self-defense moves” and talk to them about “night missions” that involved “swimming to Catalina.”

Harland Braun represents the dead man’s fiancée, Catherine Nebron, and explains that she knew he was dead and left his body in the SUV believing one of the government agencies for which he allegedly operated would find him.

The man was reportedly suffering from cancer and died on July 4th.

Braun indicated, “The fiancée wasn’t sure what to do with the body, but figured the same unnamed agency watching him would know that he died and would come for him.” He said, “Nebron parked the vehicle on Palisades Drive and left it” with the body inside.

LAPD Sergeant David Craig explained that the department seized the guns and ammunition “for public safety” upon discovery, but they “don’t think the weapons are illegal.” They have been conducting background checks on the over 1,200 firearms since seizing them.

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