Pacific Palisades Gun Hoarder Said Cancer Was CIA Injury


The L.A. Coroner has revealed that the mystery man who left behind “1,200 guns and tons of ammunition” in a Pacific Palisades condo was 60-year-old Jeffrey Alan Lash–a man who told the women in his life that he was suffering from “nerve gas poisoning from his time in the CIA” when he was actually suffering from cancer.

According to KTLA 5, Lash’s fiancee was Catherine Nebron. It was she who had left his body sitting in an SUV for two weeks after his death in early July, allegedly thinking that the secret government agency for which he worked would come and retrieve the body. Lash’s life was so “secretive” that Nebron claims she really did not know what else to think.

She indicated that Lash explained things by alluding to secrets–like when he made her believe that if she quit supporting him “a member of the ‘agency’ would hurt someone she knew.”

Not surprisingly, Lash’s secrets went far beyond the kinds of things he hinted at with Nebron.

For example, investigators have discovered Lash also had a relationship with a woman in Malibu named Jocelyn. He shared “a condo in the Sunset Area” with her. Jocelyn’s friends met and knew Lash, but were all told that his name was “Bob.”

Lash also maintained a relationship with a third woman, Michelle Lyons, about whom little has been reported. KTLA indicates all three women may have been supporting Lash financially.

In addition to the guns, ammunition, and women, Lash left behind approximately $230,000 in cash. The three women and Lash’s cousins “will be making claims on [his] estate.”

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