NAACP In Talks With Teen Tackled By Police After Allegedly Breaking Two Laws, Resisting Arrest

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Edward Avendano/YouTube

On September 15 Stockton police officers tackled 16-year-old Emilio Mayfield to subdue him after he allegedly broke two laws then refused officer requests to comply.

On September 18 the teen and his family met with Stockton NAACP leader Bobby Bivens.

According to the CBS / LA Times, “Stockton police say [Mayfield] broke two laws” and was standing in a bus lane when an officer asked him to move. Mayfield allegedly refused compliance. The officer eventually got Mayfield out of the lane and then appeared to use his baton to subdue the 16-year-old. Stockton Police Department spokesman Officer Joseph Silva said the officer ordered Mayfield “to move from the bus-only lane, but he refused and cursed.” He said the officer then “tried to detain the boy but was pushed away.”

“Silva said [Mayfield allegedly] tried to grab the officer’s baton, so the officer had to use control tactics to retain his weapon.” Surrounded by an angry crowd, the officer called for backup and nine officers arrived to helped subdue Mayfield.

The teen said he “[feels] traumatized” and that he “felt like [he] was beaten and slammed on the floor.”

Mayfield was given a citation for “suspicion of failing to obey a posted sign and resisting arrest. He was later released to his mother.”

He and his family met with Stockton NAACP president Bobby Bivens on September 18 to discuss “[Mayfield’s] altercation with police.” The NAACP claims the officer who first confronted Mayfield “used unnecessary force.”

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