Giant Death Star Stalks California Family Home

Death Star (Colby Powell / Screenshot / YouTube)
Colby Powell / Screenshot / YouTube

The Death Star is stalking a Northern California home.

2,000 square feet of PVC pipe and 162 joiners were used to make the skeleton of the giant 23-foot, 400-pound homemade ornament at the Lafayette, California home of the Powell family.

They even made a video showing how they did it:

Four of the six Powell family members count themselves fans of the Star Wars movies. Three of the children and father Colby Powell conceived the idea two years ago, but it was tabled until just this year, according to Contra Costa Times.

Though constructed for Halloween, the family plans to keep the fun going though the December 18 release of the newest Star Wars installment, “The Force Awakens.”

The massive structure is covered with two military surplus parachutes. “The (LED) lights show through them, and there’s this eerie glow,” the elder Powell told the Times. Green lights represent the ship’s superlaser.

Last March, Legoland unveiled a special Star Wars Death Star exhibit, complete with Luke Skywalker maneuvering his X-Wing fighter through a combat zone. The construction took half a million Lego bricks to complete.

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