Muslim Student Charged for Trump Hate Crime Hoax

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana – A Muslim student who reported her hijab was pulled from her head and was robbed by President-Elect Donald Trump supporters will now face charges for the false claims.


Giant Death Star Stalks California Family Home

The Death Star is stalking a Northern California home. 2,000 square feet of PVC pipe and 162 joiners were used to make the skeleton of the giant 23-foot, 400-pound homemade ornament at the Lafayette, California home of the Powell family.

Death Star (Colby Powell / Screenshot / YouTube)

Tennessee Theater Attacker Used Hatchet, Pepper Spray, Airsoft Gun

The attacker who allegedly wounded three people at the Carmike Hickory 8 Cinema in Antioch, Tennessee, theater on August 5 was armed with a hatchet, peppery spray, an airsoft gun, and a suspicious package which turned out to be a “hoax device.”

Metro Nashville Police Department via AP