Black Occidental Student Attacked as ‘Trash’ for Breaking with Black Student Movement

Alton Luke II (Facebook)

Occidental College student Alton Luke II–who is black–says he has been ostracized by former friends and was attacked via social media as “trash” this past week for cutting ties with the black student movement on campus.

Luke says the treatment he is receiving is the same treatment he has seen heaped on others with different views and he just does not want to be part of it. In fact, he indicated that the “hostility of some protesters toward those with different views is a major reason he is not supporting their current uprising.”

And according to the Los Angeles Times, Luke is by no means alone. Brown University professor Glenn Loury–who is also black–says he is “appalled” by racial protesters’ allegation of “endemic racism” on Brown’s campus. Loury said he has been “lavished with university resources for his [academic] work and well treated by open-minded colleagues.”

He recently took to Facebook to oppose calls for “revolutionary reshaping” aimed at altering the climate on campus “through diversity training’ and putting racial quotas in place to ensure more minority professors were hired.  Loury said these actions are a recipe for “intellectual mediocrity.”

Breitbart News previously reported that students in the diversity protests at Yale are demanding “safe spaces” from offensive speech while simultaneously lambasting Silliman College master Nicholas Christakis and his wife Erika for supporting freedom of speech and of expression. One protester yelled vulgarity-laced tirades at Christakis, telling him students did not want an “intellectual space” but one free from the things with which they disagree.

The LA Times reports that “nearly 800 students, faculty, staff and others sent a letter” to campus president Peter Salovey after the incident to defend the Christakis’s “free speech rights.” The letter also indicated that many of the diversity demands currently being pushed would prove “a menace to the cause of liberal education because they are clearly driven by a particular political agenda devoted to conversion instead of intellectual exploration.”

Some of the nearly 800 students who signed the letter were formerly among the protesters, but have soured on the movement because of the tactics employed and the danger they believe the movement poses to free speech.

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