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California Legislature Names Freeway in Honor of former Pres. Obama

California legislators voted Tuesday to designate a section of the 134 Freeway in Los Angeles County as the President Barack H. Obama Highway in honor of the 44th President of the United States. In order to place the signs with Obama’s name along

President Barack Obama sits in a new Chevrolet Bolt electric car with Patrick Foley, controls manager for the Bolt EV at GM in Detroit, as he visits the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, to highlight the progress made by the American auto industry. …

L.A. Proposal to Rename Freeway After Barack Obama

In the time-honored tradition of naming clogged urban thoroughfares after politicians, a group of Democrats in Los Angeles is proposing to rename a freeway after President Barack Obama.

CA-134-Barack-Obama-Flickr (InSapphoWeTrust / Flickr / CC)

Obama’s College Days Memorialized in Pasadena Plaque

On Saturday, a sidewalk plaque was dedicated to President Barack Obama in front of the Pasadena, California apartment building in which he briefly lived during his sophomore year at Occidental College.

Obama-plaque-12-19-2016 (John Antczak / Associated Press)

Berkeley Protesters Demand ‘Spaces of Color,’ Block White Students from Passing Through

Left-wing students at the liberal UC Berkeley campus are holding protests, calling for “safe spaces” for transgendered people and “spaces of color” at the university. The protesters were caught on video harassing white students and preventing them from crossing a bridge that receives heavy foot traffic, only allowing for students of color to pass.

Berkeley Protest Heat Street Video

9/11 Memorial Trashed, Flags Thrown in Garbage at Obama’s College

A memorial produced by College Republicans at Occidental College to pay tribute to the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks was vandalised on Saturday night, with the vandals also putting up posters attempting to shame the victims of the tragedy.

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Black Students Call for Abolishment of UC Irvine Police Department

The Black Student Union at UC Irvine is calling for the complete “dismantling” of the schools police department and any additional “paramilitary force presence” with a campus presence within three to six months. Although the BSU reportedly was not referring to a specific


‘Underrepresented’ Students Issue Demands at Cal Poly

“Underrepresented” students from an unrecognized consortium of minority student groups at Cal Poly–known as SLO Solidarity–have joined the ranks of other student-led protests throughout the country and presented a list of 41 demands for diversity initiatives for administrators to implement.


Occidental Student Protesters End Occupation

Student protesters at Occidental College have ended their six-day occupation of the school’s Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center building. And they have vowed to continue their fight against alleged racial bias at the privately-funded liberal arts institution.

Occidental College protest (Twitter / @mikachooooo)

Occidental Faculty Back Radical Student Protests

on Thursday, the faculty council at Occidental College unanimously approved a resolution indicating their “full support of The Oxy United for Black Liberation students’ actions and the demands for the culture around racism and diversity in the institution to change,” according to the Huffington Post. Students have demanded that Veitch resign, as one of their 14 demands.

Occidental class (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)

Occidental College Cops Blast Students’ Demands

LOS ANGELES — Campus safety officers at Occidental College are denouncing a demand by a student activists that they stop wearing bulletproof vests. The police do not carry weapons, and bulletproof vests are their only protection.

Occidental 2 (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)

USC Caves to Protests; $200k for ‘Diversity’

On Monday, school officials at the University of Southern California yielded to pressure from students and announced they would begin taking steps to implement more “diversity” programs on campus.

USC Ferguson diversity