Woman Claims Feds Barred Her for Period, Pot

Foria (Foria)

A San Diego woman claims she was denied acceptance to U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Global Entry program because she uses cannabis oil to relieve period pain.

CBP’s Global Entry program allows low-risk international travelers to complete the Customs process at airports using automated check-in kiosks instead of waiting in often-long lines to be processed by an agent.

Dina Lipof told local ABC affiliate KGTV that the program would help her move more easily through airports as she travels often for work. Lipof was interviewed by a customs official for entry into the program, and was optimistic she would be accepted.

But the system turned her down.

“I just stood there confused,” Lipof told KGTV. “Why was I denied for something I’m being honest about?”

Lipof said she was denied because she told the customs official who interviewed her that she regularly took an oral Cannabidoil (CBD) spray for relief from painful menstrual cramps and crushing migraines. She said the CBD spray she uses doesn’t have THC, and can’t get the user high. Still, the spray she prefers is only sold at medical marijuana dispensaries, and requires a recommendation from a doctor to obtain.

“He told me the reason I was denied was because I have my recommendation and it’s the intent to buy,” Lipof told the outlet. “I don’t do any drugs, you can drug test me, I will pass, I don’t do anything bad.”

Lipof added that the “most upsetting” aspect of the denial was that it was over a women’s health issue.

Customs and Border Protection will reportedly not comment on the cases of individual Global Entry applicants.

Oral CBD sprays are no longer the only medication geared toward pain women’s pain relief. This month, the Foria Relief capsule, a suppository containing both THC and CBD designed to be inserted into the vagina to ease menstrual pain, hit the U.S. market. Those capsules can only be sold in state where marijuana is legal due to the presence of THC.


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