Bernie Sanders Protesters Target CNN for Lack of Coverage

Occupy CNN Bernie Sanders (Dæena / Twitter)
Dæena / Twitter

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters demonstrated at the CNN building on Sunset and Cahuenga Boulevards in Hollywood on Sunday, protesting against what they perceived as a bias in coverage of the presidential elections favoring Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The #OccupyCNN and #BernieBlackout hashtags were trending simultaneously on social media as the result of what appeared to be a concerted effort by Sanders supporters to coincide with the physical protest of CNN in Los Angeles.

Protesters held up signs referring to CNN as the “Clinton News Network.” Other signs read “Stop hiding Bernie.”

The protests arrived just one day after it was announced that Sanders had, in fact, won the contested Nevada caucuses after a confirmed final delegate count revealed the self-described “socialist Democrat” earned him a victory in Clark County, the state’s most populous county. Sanders had congratulated Clinton on the win at the time, citing the momentum his campaign had garnered despite the media calling the state for his competitor at the time.

According to U.S. Uncut, the exact number of delegates Sanders has picked up as a result of winning Clark County will be decided at the state convention in May.

“Stop showing Trump so much,” a man interviewed by Periscope user Sanders Fangirl said, according to the local CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles. “Stick to the issues,” he added.

Another man reportedly called for fair and equal coverage for all candidates.

CBS noted that CNN had not yet issued a statement about the “occupation” of their building. However, U.S. Uncut interpreted a tweet sent out by the network that same day as providing as a response to the protesters in and of itself:

U.S. Uncut wrote “Ironically, the picture in this tweet perfectly personifies CNN’s response to the entire Sanders campaign thus far: that of a media corporation with its eyes and ears closed, lazily basking in its own sense of self-importance while a revolution occurs outside. For a company that brags about its willingness to #GoThere, it seems one place they won’t go is right outside their front doors.”

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