Latino Trump Delegate Pressured into Dropping off California List

Mario Guerra (Facebook)

A Latino Republican listed as a delegate for Donald Trump from California, pending the June 7 primary, has been bullied into dropping out after other Latino activists pressured him.

Mario Guerra says that he was confronted by a tsunami of criticism when his name emerged on Trump’s California list.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Mario Guerra knew he had a problem the moment the state released Donald Trump’s list of California delegates on Monday, his name on page 4.

Latino activists and other politicians began calling and writing “literally within minutes,” said Guerra, a former mayor of Downey, in southeast Los Angeles County.

One read: “I can’t believe you betrayed your people,” he said.

Another: “My heart stopped … Is this true?”

Guerra says that by making himself available as a Trump delegate, he did not wish to identify himself as a Trump supporter. He told the Bee that he has asked the campaign to take him off the list. However, the California Secretary of State is unlikely to permit the change. It has also denied a request by the Trump campaign to drop a delegate who was mistakenly included on the California list despite being a known white nationalist.

Nevertheless, Guerra says he does not want to participate, in the interest of “unity” within the Latino community: “I really don’t want to be in a position on there where it actually tears down the Latino community in whatever way, shape or form,” he told the Bee.

According to the Facebook page for his state Senate campaign, “Mario A. Guerra has been the Mayor of Downey, President of Independent Cities Assoc. and candidate for California State Senate. He is [California Republican Party] Treasurer for CA.”

Other Trump supporters in the Latino community and other minority communities have reported similar harassment when revealing a preference for Trump.

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