Sanders Campaign Manager ‘Feeling Good’ Ahead of California Primary

Bernie Sanders Coliseum (Jonathan Alcorn / AFP / Getty)
Jonathan Alcorn / AFP / Getty

LOS ANGELES — Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, told Breitbart News on Saturday that he was “feeling good” about the latest polls and momentum Sanders has built ahead of the anticipated June 7 California primary, where 475 delegates are at stake on the Democratic side.

“There seems to be a lot of excitement on the ground here in California. The polls are obviously moving in the senator’s direction,” he said, citing several polls that have shown Sanders in a dead heat with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in California. “He’s drawing huge crowds all across California. We have a huge volunteer network. We are literally making millions of phone calls in California, knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors. So we’re feeling very good about what’s going on here.”

Sanders drew a large crowd Saturday night to a concert outside the Los Angeles Coliseum, which had to be moved from the Greek Theatre in Hollywood, where it had been originally planned. The Sanders campaign accused L.A. Councilman David Ryu, who supports Clinton, of interfering with the event. Clinton has her own event at the Greek Theatre on Monday. (Ryu’s office told the Los Angeles Times that the Sanders campaign failed to provide “a traffic mitigation plan and a ticketing system.”)

Asked what the plan would be should Sanders not attain the Democratic Party’s nomination, Weaver told Breitbart News: “Obviously he has said he will support the Democratic nominee, whoever that is. And he’s also said that he will work night and day to make sure Donald Trump is not elected president. So I suspect that he will be spending a lot of time trying to defeat Donald Trump.”

Sanders has consistently plugged the “political revolution” that he intends to take beyond the 2016 election. Clinton has appeared to adopt some of Sanders’s rhetoric and policies while on the campaign trail. However, asked if he believes Clinton would be well-suited to carry out Sanders’s ideas should she become the party’s nominee, Weaver said “Obviously Bernie Sanders would be the best candidate to carryout the agenda he’s talked about. But he’s going to organize and mobilize people around the country. As he’s said, even if he were president it would require millions of people standing up to support him.”

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