Jerry Brown: We’re Coming for Your High-Capacity Magazines

FILE - In this May 18, 2016 file photo, California Gov. Jerry Brown gestures during a community event in Sacramento, Calif. The Citizen Compensation Commission approved a 4 precent pay raise for Brown and other top elected California officials, Wednesday, June 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli,File)

On July 1, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring residents to surrender or otherwise dispose of all high-capacity gun magazines.

The high-capacity gun magazine ban goes into effect July 1, 2017, and the language of the ban – contained in SB 1446 – leaves no question as to the limited options for owners of such magazines:

A person who, prior to July 1, 2017, legally possesses a large-capacity magazine shall dispose of that magazine by any of the following means:
(1) Remove the large-capacity magazine from the state.
(2) Prior to July 1, 2017, sell the large-capacity magazine to a licensed firearms dealer.
(3) Destroy the large-capacity magazine.
(4) Surrender the large-capacity magazine to a law enforcement agency for destruction.

Brown, a fourth-term Democrat, also signed a bill creating ammunition background checks in the state, which means law-abiding citizens will have to go through a background check for ammunition in the same way they go through a check for firearm purchases.

And, as the Los Angeles Times reports, Brown also signed a “ban [on] the sale of semiautomatic rifles equipped with bullet buttons” and a prohibition against loaning guns to family members – unless said family members also pass a background check.

Regarding the ammunition background checks, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence told the New York Times that the hope is they will serve as a backdoor tool for finding guns that aren’t on the books — something gun control advocates have been trying to do on the national level for decades. The Brady Campaign’s Amanda Wilcox said, “It can give us a handle on who has illegal guns in the state.”

However, there is a difference between “illegal guns” and non-registered guns, which may include legal guns (and legal gun owners) that are not in the state government’s database.

It is important to point out that the high-capacity magazine ban basically limits Californians to using the same size magazines Elliot Rodger used in his 2014 mass shooting in Santa Barbara.

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