Ammunition Background Checks

New Gun Control Regulations Take Effect January 1

Starting January 1, it is a crime for law-abiding Californians to loan a firearm to anyone outside of “immediate family,” and a new definition of “assault weapons” takes effect in the state.

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George Soros’s Son Gives $100k to CA Gun Control Referendum

Alexander Soros has donated $100,000 in support of a campaign, spearheaded by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, to secure passage of a statewide “high-capacity” magazine ban through Proposition 63 on the November ballot.

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Democrats Face Off Over Gun Control Support

California Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown (D-47) voted for the bill requiring background checks for law-abiding ammunition purchasers yet she is facing a challenger from within her own party who believes Brown’s support of gun control could have been even stronger. Brown

DELRAY BEACH, FL - JANUARY 05: Mark O'Connor fills out his Federal background check paperwork as he purchases a handgun at the K&W Gunworks store on the day that U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, DC announced his executive action on guns on January 5, 2016 in Delray Beach, Florida. …

NRA: Michael Bloomberg Resorts To ‘Buying’ Gun Control

Gun control initiatives pushed by Micheal Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety are on the ballot in four states this November. The NRA sees this as evidence that Bloomberg is simply buying the gun control Congress has repeatedly rejected.

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Gold Medal Olympic Shooter Criticizes California Gun Control

Speaking from the games in Rio de Janeiro, U.S. Olympic shooter Kim Rhode said she is pro-concealed carry and against the plethora of new gun controls passed by California lawmakers and signed by Governor Jerry Brown (D).

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California Passes ‘Gunpocalypse’: War on 2nd Amendment

On June 30 lawmakers declared “full-blown war” on the Second Amendment by giving final approval to a body of gun control legislation known as “gunpocalypse.” It now sits on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

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Gavin Newsom Putting Gun Control Before Pot

Gavin Newsom is simultaneously backing an initiative for gun control and to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in the state. News now comes that Newsom’s main focus will be on gun control.

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Lt. Gov Pushes Ballot Initiative Requiring Background Checks for Ammo Purchases

On October 14, California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he will begin pushing a ballot initiative to require background checks for ammunition purchasers and to implement a statewide ban on the possession of any ammunition magazines larger than the ones Elliot Rodger used in his 2014 Santa Barbara attack.

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