SF Supervisor’s Office Insults Texas Tourist Who Complains About Trash

Rainbow trash (Ben Tesch / Flickr / CC)
Ben Tesch / Flickr / CC

San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed’s office issued a scathing response to a visitor from Dallas, Texas who had written an email complaining about the city’s poor trash collection.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, David Cochrane who was visiting the liberal city with his wife last week wrote, “I was embarrassed to be an American because of the way San Francisco is presented to the world.” Cochrane was expressing his disappointment in seeing all the trash in the streets and added that the touristy Fisherman’s Wharf was “nasty” and that he “will never return to your city and am telling everyone I know not to come to such a ‘dump.'”

Breed’s office responded with an unsigned email, writing: “If you are embarrassed to be an American, then you are barking up the wrong tree here, buddy. Why don’t you write a letter to the editor of whatever town you’re from if your panties are in a bunch?”

Cochrane contacted the Chronicle with the email, to which Breed responded with an apology and noted that the unsigned email came from an intern who “clearly showed extremely poor judgment” and had been dismissed.

Breed reportedly added, “I take full responsibility for the volunteer’s words and have personally apologized to Mr. Cochrane.” He said he was satisfied with her apology.

She also acknowledged the city’s trash problem, noting that she had dialed 311 four times over the weekend to notify the city of the need to clean up the rubbish that was sitting “all over the city.”

Trash isn’t San Francisco’s only problem. The city has also been struggling with public urination and defecation. As a result, it has painted some of its most piss-prone walls with a paint that repels the liquid. When someone urinates on these specially-painted walls, the pee sprays right back onto their shoes and pants, soaking them.

The method appears to be working. BART public transportation employees have reported that the urine smell has decreased since the piss-repelling paint hit the walls.

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