‘Nude is Not Lewd’: Another Naked March in San Francisco

Nudists in San Francisco (Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty)
Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty

Approximately two-dozen free-spirited, naked activists marched nude from San Francisco’s Castro district to the Haight-Ashbury on Sunday during what they billed as the “Nude Summer of Love” parade to honor the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

“Our bodies are not something to hide, nor be ashamed of. Our bodies are to be celebrated, honored, cherished, cared for, respected and loved,” infamous nudist Gypsy Taub wrote on My Naked Truth, where the event details were posted.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the nudists waved flags and signs that read “clothing optional” and “nude is not lewd,” while Taub shouted “Ho ho, hey hey, body freedom is here to stay,” and “Hey there, dude, you’re no prude, get in the mood, join us nude,” over a microphone.

San Francisco banned public nudity in 2012, and the ban officially took effect on February 1 the following year. Public nudity is illegal in San Francisco without having a permit. Sunday’s event was permitted.

Taub reportedly denounced the city’s ban, likening it to “body shaming”. The San Francisco Chronicle notes that she has been arrested for flouting the rules, including in December of 2013, where she was married naked on the steps of City Hall. In February, Taub reportedly obtained another permit for a “nude love parade” to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The San Francisco Chronicle points out that in an attempt to take a swipe at Supervisor Scott Wiener, who was behind the nudity ban, Taub and her group reportedly mooned the paparazzi who were present snapping pictures of the event.

Other topless incidents have taken place throughout California recently. Topless “free the nipple” activist Anni Ma, one of two women who was arrested for going topless at a Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles in March, has recently filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department, asking for $3 million for using excessive force.

Ma, 25, was charged with indecent exposure, and was accused of violating a penal code regarding exposure of private parts in a public place.

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