Fmr. Obama Official in Email Scandal Hosts Fundraiser for Hillary

Lisa Jackson (Mark Wilson / Getty)
Mark Wilson / Getty

Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson will co-host a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Silicon Valley on Tuesday night. Like Clinton, Jackson is at the center of an email scandal.

In 2013, Jackson was caught using a fake name and account, “Richard Windsor,” to conduct government business, likely to avoid federal record-keeping and public disclosure rules.

Jackson, now Vice President of Apple Inc., is hosting with CEO Tim Cook.

The left-leaning D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals recently blasted the Obama administration’s practice of hiding official correspondence in private email accounts, ruling that the government could not be allowed to avoid Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in that way.

Clinton arrived in California on Monday for a series of high-dollar fundraisers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Though ostensibly campaigning against big money in politics, the Clinton campaign recently revealed that it is halfway to its goal of raising one billion dollars for the 2016 presidential effort, and visits with the giants of Hollywood and Silicon Valley will provide a boost as the race for the White House enters its home stretch.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Clinton began her fundraising swing with fundraisers at the homes of Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson and entertainment industry mogul Haim Saban. Tickets for the first event cost $2,700 per person, the maximum allowable individual contribution in a federal campaign, and tickets for the second cost $100,000 per pair, which will not go to the campaign directly but to other allied efforts (and which also covered a lavish dinner at the Saban home).

On Tuesday, Clinton will attend a lunch that was meant to have been hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio, but will be hosted by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel instead. DiCaprio cited a scheduling conflict, but he is also in the midst of a fundraising scandal involving the financing of The Wolf of Wall Street, which may have resulted in his wanting to keep a lower profile , lest his own troubles remind voters of scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

After two fundraisers in Laguna Beach, the Times reports, Clinton will travel to Silicon Valley for two fundraisers, including the Cook-Jackson fundraiser. Cook also recently raised cash for Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Clinton chose to raise money in California rather than visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana, where President Barack Obama will be visiting Tuesday, following a visit last Friday by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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