Ad: Why Is Gavin Newsom Hiding From Kim Rhode’s Gun Debate?

Lucas Jackson/Reuters
Lucas Jackson/Reuters

On Tuesday, the Coalition for Civil Liberties issued a press release highlighting Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s apparent decision to hide instead of accepting Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode’s offer to educate him on guns.

Rhode issued the offer to educate Newsom on September 28, when she tweeted:

That tweet followed an exchange in which Rhode informed Newsom that he does not understand the way Olympic shooters train, nor what the gun controls he is advocating in Proposition 63 would do to curtail such training.

Newsom actually began the exchange by suggesting Rhode did not understand Prop 63, then grew noticeably silent when Rhode offered to educate him on the guns and ammunition he so desperately wishes to control.

The Coalition for Civil Liberties has released a new commercial focused on Newsom’s silence, and it is accompanied by a press release, provided to Breitbart News. The press release says:

The Coalition for Civil Liberties, a group of non-gun owners and gun owners throughout California, has launched another commercial mocking Gavin Newsom for his attacks on 6 time Olympic sharp sharp shooter Kim Rhode. Newsom took to the Twitter to challenge Rhode on her truthfulness in a previous Ad highlighting Prop 63, Gavin’s harsh gun control initiative. Kim responded with facts, calling out the politician as clueless on the issue, “But always happy to teach you about the guns and ammo you don’t trust me to own.”

This new ad features a satirical look at the many challenging hurdles Gavin Newsom is placing in front of the 6 time Olympian and all gun owners in California. The narrator opens, “After Olympian Kim Rhode roasted him on Twitter, Gavin Newsom STILL hasn’t taken the sharpshooter up on her offer to teach his huge political ego about guns and ammo.”

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