‘Los Deplorables’ Celebrate Trump’s Inauguration in California

Los Deplorables (Courtesy / Mike Orozco)
Courtesy / Mike Orozco

This Saturday, a group of Hispanic “deplorables” celebrated President Donald Trump’s inauguration by holding a “Los Deplorables” party of their own in Alhambra, California.

According to the event organizer, Michael Jesse Orozco, the party was attended by “all sorts of Deplorables. Pepe The Frog Deplorables, Latino Deplorables, Small Business Owners, an Army Veteran, an old football coach from Wilson High school and traditional Catholics and Evangelicals. It was friends and family.”

The “Los Deplorables” party was hosted by Abuelos Jesse and Rosalinda Orozco. Tamales by Abuelita Rosalinda, Orozco’s mom, were served along with ramen salad by his Auntie Pam, who is Irish, together with hot dogs and Cuban food from Porto’s Bakery.

The attendees were “people who were just sick and tired of politically-correct culture,” Michael Orozco told Breitbart News. “They just couldn’t stand it anymore. They liked his working-class talk a lot. These were all working-class people who were there. They believe the Republican Party is now the working-class party,” he said.

Los Deplorables barbecue (Courtesy Mike Orozco)

Los Deplorables barbecue (Courtesy Mike Orozco)

Orozco said he and another man named Marvin Barrera, who works at a small evangelical seminary in downtown Los Angeles, met for the first time Saturday after years of texting back and forth. Both men were huge fans of the late Andrew Brietbart.

“I met Andrew at a gathering in Pasadena,” Orozco said. “I supported what he was doing. And I would send him espresso beans once in a while. When I sent him coffee, he would call me on my cell phone to thank me and say hi. He inspired me to get connected and stay connected with people online. I approached him with ideas about how to gain the support of Hispanic voters for the Republican Party.”

He added, “One of the things that Marvin and I learned is that if you go to Hispanics only on the issue of immigration, you will pigeon-hole yourselves.”

Airborne Army Vet “Tio Juan” was also at the celebration. Orozco said “he is also working-class and liked the way Trump would talk about brining jobs back and also his strong stance against radical Islamic terrorism.”

Orozco, who described himself as a traditional Catholic, said he and Marvin, an Evangelical Baptist, “were under the impression that there would be no Hispanics voting for Trump but there ended up being more of them that voted for Trump than Mitt Romney.”

Orozco was referring to the “silent majority.” He added, “But after Trump won, Marvin and I received tons of texts and phone calls from Hispanics telling us that they had voted for Trump but didn’t tell anyone for fear of backlash.”

As for Saturday’s “Los Deplorables” attendees, Orozco said, “Many of the people there were pro-life but the main reason they supported Trump was because he was not PC and would hit Hillary Clinton back. He was unafraid to tell the truth.”

They shared stories, battle bruises and got to know each other much better. They told Breitbart News they recited the Pledge of Allegiance, “played 80’s music and in Andrew’s honor played Depeche Mode. It was a great time and we are getting back together on the 4th of July.”

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