CNN ‘Loser’ Ana Navarro: Pro-Trump Maxine Waters Challenger a ‘Nobody’

Ana Navarro

Nearly a week after Omar Navarro, the pro-Trump Republican who is challenging Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) wanted to make it absolutely clear that he was not related to CNN “loser” Ana Navarro, Ana Navarro responded, saying Omar Navarro was a “nobody.”

After a Breitbart News article about Omar Navarro’s tweet received nearly 9,000 shares on Facebook with commenters on Breitbart News and Breitbart News’ Facebook page saying they were excited to donate to Omar Navarro’s campaign, Ana Navarro said this week that she hoped Omar Navarro is “not some lost long relative who’ll ask me for $.”

Ana Navarro, despite being someone whom Republican candidates who want to win races stay away from at all costs, is labelled as a “Republican strategist” in order for CNN to gladly use her as the network’s useful idiot.

For instance, after Ana Navarro, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, palled around with former President Bill Clinton, she actually said with a straight face on CNN that President Donald Trump was “diminishing” the office of the presidency.

Once again, it seems like Ana Navarro is more eager to attack a pro-Trump Republican than someone like Waters, whose outlandish rants against Trump Ana Navarro may actually like.

Omar Navarro announced his candidacy in front of Waters’ home and has already been enthusiastically endorsed by the likes of conservative radio host Larry Elder.

“Growing up, my grandpa told me that in Cuba, democracy was not an option,” Omar Navarro writes on his website. “Citizenship in the United States requires us to do more than complain about our problems – we have to work together to fix them.”

Legendary GOP operative Roger Stone, who apparently is working with Omar Navarro, slammed Ana Navarro’s tweet, asking how President Jeb Bush is doing:


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