WATCH: NYPD Officers Rush Breathless Baby to Hospital and Save Child’s Life

NYPD / Twitter

Fast-acting NYPD officers from the 75th precinct rushed a one-year-old baby who was not breathing to a Brooklyn hospital, where medical personnel saved the child’s life.

Officers were called to the scene at Starrett City in the Spring Creek section of Brooklyn, according to the New York Post. One officer’s bodycam recorded the worrying moments that took place around 8:30 p.m. on October 2.

In the video, the child’s mother frantically worried about her breathless baby before NYPD Sgt. Kyle Barnett took the child and headed to the patrol vehicle of Officers Bryant Blake and Dylan Lynch. They had been waiting for an ambulance that had yet to arrive, and Barnett knew there was no time to waste, according to ABC 7.

“And as soon as I grabbed the baby, I just knew something was wrong, I knew we had to get the baby to the hospital,” Barnett told ABC 7. 

As he quickly moved towards the vehicle, he turned to the child’s mother and said, “Mom, let’s go, you’re coming with us!”

The patrol vehicle sped towards Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, while other NYPD officers blocked traffic on the route, according to ABC 7.

“The baby just went completely limp — it wasn’t breathing. I started chest compressions on the baby,” Barnett recounted to ABC 7. 

As soon as the officers and mother reached the hospital, Barnett rushed the baby through the emergency entrance and placed him in a hospital bed where medical personnel awaited them. 

“How old is the baby?” one of the medical staff asked in the video. 

“One year old,” Barnett responded. “The mother’s coming. We got on scene like ten minutes ago, not breathing.”

“We waited until the doctor said he’s good. The doctor came over and said he’s gonna be fine – we were just like ‘wow,’ you know?” Barnett told ABC 7. 

“They said thank goodness we were there and were able to get the baby to the hospital as fast as we did,” Blake recounted to ABC 7.

The New York Post reports that as of October 8, the child was “in serious but stable condition.”

The heroic work of the officers was commended by the 75th precinct’s Twitter account. “Keep up the great work gentleman!” the tweet reads. 


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