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PICS: Baby Alfie Mourned in UK

LONDON (AP) — Alfie Evans, a British toddler with a degenerative brain condition whose parents lost a legal battle to keep him on life support at a Vatican hospital, was mourned with balloons set free in the sky and prayers from the pope after he died Saturday weeks shy of his second birthday.

Alfie Evans

UK Supreme Court Declines Appeal from Parents of Dying Toddler

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Supreme Court declined Friday to hear an appeal from a mother and father who want to take their terminally ill toddler to Italy for treatment instead of allowing a hospital to remove him from life support.

Charlie Gard (Family of Charlie Gard via Associated Press)

U.S. Doctor to Meet With Specialists Treating Baby Charlie

LONDON (AP) — An American doctor specializing in treating rare genetic conditions is set to meet with other specialists treating Charlie Gard, assessing the critically ill 11-month-old for the first time.


UK Hospital Says Terminally Ill Baby to Have ‘More Time’

LONDON (AP) — A terminally ill British baby will be given “more time” before life support is withdrawn, the 10-month-old boy’s parents and a London children’s hospital said Friday, days after the family lost a legal battle to take him


World’s First ‘Three-Parent Baby’ is Born

The world’s first “three-parent baby” was born in Mexico using a gene combination technique performed by a New York team, according to a report in New Scientist released Monday.

Border Crossing Into Mexico

Baby, Parents Stuck in Mexico over Surrogacy

Little baby Grayson can’t leave Mexico for home after an overnight legal change in Tabasco, Mexico left him with no birth certificate and no way for his parents to bring their new child back over the border for weeks after his birth.

measles vaccine

4-Month-Old Baby Contracts Measles, Leaving Mom Furious

Four-month-old baby Mobius Loop is up to date on American Academy of Pediatrics recommended vaccinations, but at his tender age, it’s too early for his measles shot. It was during a January 18 family trip to Disneyland that Baby Mobius is believed to have contracted the highly contagious measles disease–and his mother posted her “mixed feelings” online.

Southington Police Department

Couple Reportedly Left Two-Week-Old in Freezing Car to Go into Sex Shop

In another story in a series of parents leaving infants in the freezing cold while they cavorted somewhere else, a 26-year-old Connecticut woman allegedly left her two-week-old son outside in the car while she went shopping in a sex store with her male friend.

Police Line/Crime Scene

Dead 3-Week Old in San Diego Dumpster Tied to Long Beach Shooting

The parents and uncle of a baby girl kidnapped Saturday evening from the family’s home in Long Beach, California were shot as the abductor took off with the infant. Hours later, a baby girl was found dead in a dumpster over a hundred miles south in Imperial Beach, California.