We Are Breitbart Meetup – Houston, Texas

Brandon Darby - We Are Breitbart - Houston, Texas

1/11/15 – Houston, Texas

100 or so people crowded into Houston’s Fast Eddy’s Saloon for the first-ever Texas Breitbart Meetup. Brandon Darby stepped away from editing Breitbart Texas and from covering Mexican cartels and the border for the evening. He spoke briefly and then dialogued with crowd about immigration, the unsecured border, and the realities of Mexican cartels. No issue was off the table and questions from the crowd continued throughout the night.

“It was amazing,” said Darby. people from all over Houston came. Some drove for two hours to get there. Breitbart readers are the most engaged people. They hunger to learn more about the issues we cover and these meetups keep us feeling the pulse of the grassroots. They keep us real and remind us what this is all about.”

The ages of the attendees ranged from college-aged to senior citizens and all of their questions centered on wanting deeper knowledge and understanding of the issues covered by Breitbart News. “It was very similar to many of the Tea Party movement gatherings I’ve spoken at over the years,” said Darby. “The difference is that these meetups are interactive for those who attend. We speak for 5-10 minutes and then the rest is really up to them. If they want to ask questions and have dialogue, then that’s what they get. It’s about what the crowd wants. Instead of Q and A, it’s more Q and A and then questions from me. It helps to know what they want to see more of, what they need to be more complete in their understanding and their interaction with Breitbart News.” He added, “It’s all about them. The grassroots have always been the lifeblood of Breitbart and these meetups ensure that they always will be.”

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