We Are Breitbart Meetup – Boston, MA

Boston Meetup

1/28/2016 – Boston, MA

Breitbart readers from Boston gathered to see Breitbart News’ Sonnie Johnson speak on Republican history, culture, and the definition of liberty.

“Thank you guys so much for coming out,” Johnson started the conversation, “with the Republican circus in full effect, I’m glad you chose to hang out with your Breitbart family instead.”

Before the discussion even started, most of the Bostonians wanted to know how Johnson got into the movement. “I was fighting God and he won.” Johnson stated simply.

The discussion got really heated when a participant in audience asked, “Are we moving past Republican and Democrat. Conservative and Progressive. Towards whether America will continue to exist or not?”

Johnson replied, “Us political junkies think about such things. The average American citizen doesn’t. The average person living in poverty doesn’t. We don’t need to reach our fellow political junkies. We need to reach the rest of America by focusing on their concerns and issues.”

Themba Nyathi, a new American citizen from Zimbabwe, pleaded with Johnson, “Give me the hope you have. I don’t see it. I don’t have hope black America will wake up. I left my country to get away from oppression. I get here and Obamacare passes. Where is the hope?”

“I can’t give you the political answer but I can give you a cultural answer. Look at Hip Hop. It’s a multi-billion dollar international industry started on the street corners of New York. It is capitalism. Knowing all it takes is the insertion of conservative principles into an already capitalist industry is all the hope I need.” Johnson answered.


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