New York Times Headline Confuses Terrorists for Victims

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TEL AVIV – The New York Times continues to lead the growing trend in global media of equating the deaths of Palestinian terrorists with the murder of innocent Israeli civilians.

Following Sunday’s report ​on attempts  ​by ​Palestinian terrorists to stab Israelis in three unrelated attacks, the Timespublished the headline, “1 Israeli and 3 Palestinians Killed in Attacks in West Bank.”

According to the website, the headline implies that the Israeli attacks were worse because more Palestinians were killed ​,​while failing to take into account that the three Palestinians were in fact terrorists.

Last week ​, ​Breitbart Jerusalem reported that the New York Times was confusing the victims with the terrorists.  

The Irish Times published an even more misleading headline that read, ​”Three Palestinians, one Israeli die in West Bank incidents” with no reference to the terror attacks at all. While the New York Times’ headline has since been changed to include the word “attackers ​,​” the Irish Times header remains unchanged.

The Sydney Morning Herald published the headline ​,​”Four dead in new West Bank knife attacks” and the lead that follows ​states that said attacks were “allegedly” by Palestinians against Israelis.

The New York Times‘ account of the attack is similarly misleading, with the opening paragraph emphasizing the attackers’ deaths and who killed them with barely a mention of the Israeli woman who was the real victim of terror.

“Three Palestinians who each attacked Israeli Jews in separate episodes across the occupied West Bank on Sunday were shot dead by Israeli civilians and soldiers, officials and witnesses said. One Israeli woman was killed in the attacks.”

The next paragraph contains a quote from the father of the terrorist – ​who was ​a teenage girl – about the latter’s wish to donate her organs after becoming a martyr.

HonestReporting bemoaned what it insisted was the continual misrepresentation of reality by the New York Times and others. “They make it impossible for readers to make sense of what’s taking place in the Middle East,” said the article. “When terrorists are treated with equal or even greater deference than their victims, reporters need to check their moral compasses.”