EXCLUSIVE – Hamas Posts Surveillance Cameras Along Egypt Border

REUTERS/Nir Elias/Files
REUTERS/Nir Elias/Files

JAFFA, Israel – Hamas security forces fixed surveillance cameras near the Gaza-Egypt border after Egyptian troops shot dead a young Gazan who swam into the country’s territorial waters.

 The cameras are meant to “document the Egyptian forces’ human rights violations,” a Hamas spokesman told Breitbart Jerusalem.
The shooting of the man, described as mentally unstable, was caught on camera. The video was initially broadcast on Al Jazeera, and then repeatedly on Hamas-and Muslim-Brotherhood affiliated outlets.
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The damning video comes at a sensitive time for the Egyptian authorities, who fear that the Islamic opposition will exploit Tuesday’s anniversary of the 2011 revolution in order to undermine President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s regime.

This is not the first time Egyptian troops have opened fire on Palestinians trying to cross the border, the source said. He added that in 2015, the crossings were open for only 23 days.

The cameras are transportable and well camouflaged, and have also been placed along the border with Israel, the source said, in order to monitor the movement of the Israeli army, Palestinian informants, and opposition groups firing on Israel.

The cameras have also been fixed inside the Strip, enabling the Hamas government to monitor the activity of Islamic State loyalists, such as those who planted a bomb outside Hamas’ military headquarters.

Iyad Elbozom, a spokesperson for Hamas’ Interior Ministry, told Breitbart Jerusalem that “the cameras were fixed to help maintain calm and stability along the border. We seek stability and are committed to prevent any assault on Egypt’s national security.”