WATCH: Jerusalem Band’s Tribute Song to David Bowie

AP Photo

TEL AVIV – A Jerusalem band paid tribute to late rock star David Bowie with the release of a new song, “Timebound.”

The band, The Portnoy Brothers, hail from the UK but now reside in Jerusalem. Originally planning to release the song in late January, Bowie’s untimely death compelled the band to bring forward the release date on Tuesday as a tribute to the famous singer. Watch it in full below:

“Like everyone, we were shocked to hear of Bowie’s passing,” Sruli Portnoy, the soloist who makes up one half of the musical brothers, told Breitbart Jerusalem. “He’s influenced so much of our work and our evolution as artists. I was totally numb, I guess I just thought that Bowie would live forever. And that’s what made us release the song to coincide with the news of his death, to show people that even if life itself is temporal, music can never die.”

The song, asserts Portnoy, is the perfect tribute to Bowie. It’s replete with Bowie-esque key changes and unique chord progressions and is even accompanied by a “trippy” music clip reminiscent of 1970s Bowie.

The video, shot in The Portnoy Brother’s adopted hometown, portrays a kaleidoscopic Jerusalem that the brothers hope convey the intense energy of the Israeli capital.

“Even if, like Bowie, we’re the greatest in the world at what we do, we’re still all bound by time,” said Portnoy. “Jerusalem, however, is eternal.”

“Timebound” is the B-side of The Portnoy Brothers’ single, “Stars aglow,” set for release on January 26. The song is also the closing track off their debut album, “Learn to Love.”


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