Relative of Syria’s ‘Traitor’ Assad: ‘May Allah Kill You’


TEL AVIV – A relative of President Bashar Al-Assad published an open letter in which she called the Syrian president a traitor, an enemy of humanity, a devil, a murderer, and a terrorist who will end up “in history’s filthiest garbage heap.”

The letter, published towards the end of last year on the Syrian opposition website and translated Wednesday by MEMRI , is authored by Majd Jadaan, the sister-in-law of Bashar’s brother, Maher Al-Assad. Jadaan, a fiercely outspoken opponent of Bashar and a supporter of the Syrian revolution, is currently a refugee in Jordan.

Jadaan accused Assad of destroying Syria and massacring its people:

“It will be written that you were the son of the devil, that you murdered children, the elderly, and youths; that you destroyed [mosque] minarets, bombed churches, and burned the [Muslim] crescent and [Christian] cross. It will be written that you betrayed, stole, and hawked, and that you enlisted the assistance of the enemies against [Syria’s] residents.”

Calling Assad a “wild animal,” Jadaan repeated her wish that “Allah’s curse be upon you” no less than eight times.

“May Allah kill you, O you who have hurt the honorable and fed upon the interests of the despicable. May Allah kill you, O you who have expelled the most glorious nation and destroyed the most beautiful homeland,” the article states.

Jadaan admits that it took her a while to understand the ugly truth about Assad as being a “lowly, despicable traitor” and the “most savage creation of Allah.”

“No woman has ever birthed a lowly traitor like you” Jadaan adds.

She also accuses global leaders of supporting Assad in an effort to maintain an “ideological balance of power in the world” and realize their own goals. She contends that once they have achieved those goals, they will discard Assad into “history’s filthiest garbage heap.”

Moreover, she writes, “Who will continue considering you a leader when you have become a willing slave of ones who are stronger than you?”

However, Jadaan asserts that despite Assad’s tyranny, “Syria is free and will remain free.”

She concludes, “It is we who will triumph, as well as truth and divine justice, no matter how long it takes. Syria will be free, free, free.”


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