Migrant Parents in Jordan Suspected of Imposing 20 Arranged Marriages on Their Minor Daughter

arranged marriage

JAFFA, Israel – The Jordanian authorities have launched an investigation into Arab migrant parents who allegedly imposed no less than 20 arranged marriages on their daughter, who was a minor.

The parents arranged lawful weddings, but would soon separate her from her “husbands,” normally with their consent, in order to marry her again and reap financial benefits.

The victim, who is 18 years old today, has been taken out of her parents’ custody while the inquiry is underway.

A Welfare Ministry spokesperson told Al Rai newspaper that this is the worst case of such abuse the country has seen.

“The alleged offense comes under trafficking, not domestic abuse,” he said.

He also stated that the pattern started in the family’s country of origin before they settled in Jordan, and took place on Jordanian soil as well.

“Their conduct inflicted unparalleled emotional damage on the young woman,” he said.