Egyptian Teenager Commits Valentine’s Day Suicide ‘Over Boyfriend’s Stinginess’

Valentine's Day suicide

JAFFA, Israel – An Egyptian teenager committed suicide on Valentine’s Day after a night out with her boyfriend, the Egyptian media reported.

The young woman jumped to her death from her parents’ 12-floor window after her boyfriend’s stinginess frustrated her greatly, according to reports.

“My daughter was utterly disappointed in her boyfriend, whom she saw for the last three years,” her mother said. “She was unhappy with his demeanor, but very much in love with him notwithstanding. I enrolled her in another school in order to separate them, but 10 days ago I found out they still saw each other.”

The mother said that the young man, who was the brother of her daughter’s best friend, made her suffer a lot.

On the day she took her own life, continued the mother, “she met her boyfriend in a café. I took her there, and when they were served the bill he started yelling at the waiter in a way that embarrassed her a lot.”

Since that incident, she said, her daughter refused to leave her room. On Valentine’s Day “I persuaded her to leave the room and take a stroll, but when we got back home she jumped out the window.”

Cairo Police said that an inquiry has been launched, under the direction of chief detective Hisham Iraki.